9 Animals That Absolutely Love The Heat

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It’s amazing how animals can live quite successfully in all types of climates. Some live in freezing temperatures that humans can’t even imagine surviving in, while others simply flourish in the heat. Temperatures that soar into the triple digits will generally send people indoors to their air-conditioned homes, yet these animals have nothing more than their bodies to survive in the heat, and that’s all they need. Check out these nine animals that thrive in some of the hottest conditions.

9. Camel

The camel is physiologically designed to survive in the desert where food and water is scarce. Its hump stores fat (not water), which the camel draws from for nourishment when in need. Camels can also drink over 20 gallons of water when it’s available, allowing it to go as long as seven days before hydrating again. Its organs, as well as its oval-shaped red-blood cells, help this animal retain water.

8. Desert Tortoise

The desert tortoise, which lives in the southwestern U.S. and northwestern Mexico, survives temperatures upward of 140 degrees Fahrenheit by burrowing into the ground to escape the heat. The desert tortoise goes above ground to forage only 2 percent of the time, spending a whopping 98 percent of its time in its burrow. Not only does it survive in the desert, but it thrives, with a lifespan of up to 80 years.

7. Rüppell’s Fox

The Rüppell’s fox lives in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, placing it in some of the harshest areas on the planet. However, its body is ideally suited to surviving high temperatures. Its furred feet allow this fox to walk on scorching sand. Its body is able to preserve water as its urine is concentrated and yields low levels of water. It has a super-low metabolism and small body, both of which help the fox to use less energy. The Rüppell’s fox also does most of its hunting at night when it’s cooler.

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