Watching This Strange Creature Try To Dig Back Into The Sand Is Absolutely Fascinating

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There are all kinds of ocean creatures that make their homes inside of shells. Conchs, hermit crabs, scallops, and many others. But for clams in particular, they like to spend a lot of the time buried and hidden from potential threats, so when one finds itself on the beach, it usually desperately tries to make its way back under the surface of the sand.

And being able to see this happen in front of your very eyes is an incredible sight to see. But it is also kind of weird.

How does a clam move, you might ask? Well, they actually have an appendage that most people just call a “foot.” By using this foot, almost like a person would use their hand to dig a hole in the sand, the clam slowly pulls itself down into the wet sand until it can find a suitable depth.

When the clam finally gets itself buried to a place where it is satisfied, it can once again go back to filtering the ocean water through its body so that it can get the nutrients it needs to continue surviving.

Check out the incredible video below to see one clam start making its journey back into the sand.

But prepare yourself because it’s probably not at all what you expected!

Strange Clam Video Goes Viral

This bizarre video of a clam digging in sand has gone viral

Posted by The Weather Channel on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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